Monday, March 15, 2010

missing the habbit

with the kind of work that i do now, that i needed to allow 4 hours of travel time going and coming home from work, thats just eats up my energy and i can't seem to find the strength to bake again.... and with the small kitchen that i have now, baking you know takes up space, with all my knicks and knacks, everywhere. Its just too tiring to even clean up my baking mess afterwards. whewww....i cant even try new recipes! when i used to have time to do that every week. but oh well, im going to file a leave soon and heck im going to bake till im so sore and can't move anymore. Now thats a plan!

It seems that i'm not adopted with my new life yet and to think its been a year now.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

a night off

i am sleepy but i choose to enjoy this quiet moment browsing something to read....which i haven't done in such a long time now, how i love to browse for food blogs and now i am having a feast. i miss sitting in front of the computer for hours just browsing and not minding of the time.. at wee hours in the morning, and yea here i am, savoring it, but i know i need sleep because im going to bike this morning and need to attend a seminar at 2pm and then check for some documents i need to complete for an application. Oh well im fully booked this day what can i say and here i am, sitting and just reading... 

ok ok ill just stay for 5 more minutes then go to bed.