Thursday, August 28, 2008

A birthday Cake for Hubby's Mommy

This is a chiffon cake with white icing. This is the first time i ever made flowers using the same icing to frost the cake, normally i make flowers with more powdered sugar in it and i let it air dry first before putting it on a cake. With this one i used a toothpick to make the flowers and then let the flowers slide down on the cake after pointing the toothpick to where i'm going to arrange the flowers to. I just did'nt thought that it would be this easy.

( Rosebelle played with my cellphone the other day, i dint notice that the flash was off, so sorry about the poor picture quality)


This is another website that i find very interesting. You could check it out if you are head over heels about baking. I have already learned a few tricks here and there, so i hope you can learn something new too. Happy browsing!!
This is the link
OH btw a warning on those who are brave enuff to check this's highly addictive ;P