Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dancing at the Plaza

Every weekend at 5am, a group of middle aged women dances at the Town Plaza Hall. This is a project of the Mayor's wife, for exercise. At first i was shy to try to join them, but in due time my dancing feet kicks in and there i am dancing with them for 2 hours. Its fun and a nice way to release stress. As i bike my way to be there and im so glad that today is my off so i can join the saturday class, since i can normally join them during sundays. I have lost alot of weight already, since ive been jogging 3 times a week and this dancing thing is also a way of socializing with people who wants to stay healthy like me. Coz with jogging im just alone with my headset and no other people to laugh with. Im into biking also, when my knees hurt (yea im old ) and i get too lazy with running, i just bike around the town.

I still need to loose 10-15 more pounds and im getting there!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

mocha cake

its a mocha chiffon cake, with candied walnuts on top, grated chocolate and chocolate drizzle. The frosting is whipped cream with a dash of coffee and powdered sugar.

Friday, December 11, 2009

starting to bake again

i finally have my old oven back and im starting to do what i love this world...baking!!! with the stress im having at work, im finally able to have some release and boy im having so much fun.

its nice to have people roaming around and picking up things that you bake while your not looking haha at least you knw you are doing a great job on it, but please leave some for me to taste it hehehe

im in heaven and theres nothing left to say :))

Monday, November 30, 2009

rj's diary

i just read Rj's last entry and so nothing has changed i guess, well im not really looking forward to any changes, but hopes are up and i wish since there are in a new place now, the one he is looking up to finally grows up and stop being a someone that we all need to carry on all our shoulders,to think he should have been the wall that we can lean upon on.

not even a miracle can change him. im so glad he is out of my life, but i guess he is not letting me go that easy.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


yesterday i had free time to sit and open the tv, as i browsed thru the channels i saw HBO opening credits, i saw John Travolta's name, and wished that the next name that will flash is Kyra Seigwick. And yeah wish granted. I missed watching movies like this, nice love story, its nice to see how George Malley patiently waited till Lace was ready to love him. He loved her and bought her chairs. One of my fave movies of all times. The famous line there thats unforgettable is when George asked Lace " Will you love me for the rest of my life? ". Lace replied "No,... i will love you for the rest of mine.."

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Do it Do it

a line from a book given to me by Vj
'What brings you pleasure? Do it Do it, for it will give lightness to your heart and do wonders for your soul'

Reading this made me cry...for the one question that struck me is... ' what brings me pleasure?' the saddest part of life is...not knowing what you really needed or wanted in life.

As i try to fill in the empty spaces in me, starting to know myself again... im finding what it is that will really make me innerself happy.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

men are worse than women

i was grouped with 3 guys, being the only woman in the group, they get too comfy with each other and with me, and started commenting about the people, with how they walk,talk, act. I was shocked that they're comments are much worse and beyond the limits, no worries about crossing the line there.

And they say we bitch too much??

Monday, August 24, 2009

Everything has a First Day

first day at work with a new company, new peeps, new crowd, new faces, new attitudes. Things that im not used to seeing everyday when i get to work. It hasn't sink in yet, but i know as the days go by i will get a grasp of how im missing my friends at NCO. My common ground, place where i get my laughter.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

funny face shots

One of the happy days! We were playing with my cells cam while waiting in line for a taxi ride home. No boring moments hehehe.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

tip toe

can i just stay inside my shell where ill feel safe instead of being vulnerable of everybody's expectation?

should i take it as a challenge this time? or just walk like how i was asked to walk?

nope, definitely not going to be ruled again, not going to be controlled

ill be as i wanted to be and will enjoy 'me' wherever it will take me, however it will take me

Monday, April 20, 2009

mood swing

for some reason i dunno why i was kinda down this weekend, had a long ride with relatives, one comment just got stuck in my mind and for some reason i lingered onto it. It brought the blues and all i wanted to do that time was sat quietly at the back of the car and listen to music. The tears were not ready to drop, not just yet, but i know if it finally fall, i'll be okey. I just felt lonely all of a sudden, so i just quietly look at the trees as we passed by it. Nice time to be on 'emotional mode' Nice windy day...with nature all around...and my linkin park music.
I had a nice cry that night and so far, two days after, i think im okey. I can carry on and have the strenght to stand up until the next emotional episode. At least im not the type who bawls like a baby or ask pity/attention from friends or do things that i will regret oneday. I think im handling my 'drama queen episodes' like a strong mature person that i am.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

tyra banks show

i got to see one that was about abusive relationships. its so revealing for me and helped me understand why such things happen. insecure guys wanted to feel manly, feeding up their egos on beating up their women so that they feel powerful and in control. one thing that really strike me there. was when tyra said that her abusive bf once told her that he likes to break women to make them bullseye

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

i'm now found

the main reason why i don't really want to have my own friendster account is that i don't people to find me. Why? i dunno, i guess i just want my privacy..and mainly because i don't want to have to explain why is this person is looking for me and why is that, churvaloo churvaloo. But when i left, i decided to create my own account because i needed a place where i can store my collected pictures. As secondary to my webshots account. So there i was, put one of my cakes as my pic there and i slowly discovered that ( i am new to friendster) that there are people actually searching for me. Most of them i really don't know, and some are familiar and made my forehead wrinkled, thinking, why the heck is this person even wanting to add me or search for me, when i wasn't even close to those people. Anyways, i was 'finally' discovered by highschool friends and i can't help not to be overwhelmed, i mean with these are old friends , because even after all these years they still remember me. That life i lived so long ago. Funny how old feelings are coming back, memries of childish moments are all of a sudden..flooding. I can't help not to smile.

So, do i still feel i wanted to be found? well... im happy that i am.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A day with my tita elvie

With 2 weeks of "NO work" , i was so bored went to Sto Tomas Batangas to finally visit my tita elvie's house...when they used to live near my mom's house...i used to spend alot of times with her...mostly watching movies...we love to make comments after each movie, like giving own analysis on why this scene happened or what woulda been a nicer ending things like that...and thats what i really missed so much...someone that i can talk after each movie....i so got to used to watching movies alone...and just used for making me fall asleep...
anyways...we cooked lugaw with tokwa and we talked like crazy...i miss her loud mouth!!
she asked me stay for the night after playing tong its (of course i won again...i do all the time hehe) and after watching twilight ( i saw that movie for like 100 times already)
and then we bought pandesal at 5:30 am ,,it was so cold there that it felt like i was in Baguio with airconditioning. i went home at lunchtime, she wants me to stay for lunch but i know my mom is already breathing fire so...anyways..i had so much fun....