Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sans Rival Disaster

I was only doing half recipe, i was trying to save some money, but while i was mixing the egg whites instead of putting 3/4 cup of sugar i used 1 1/2 cup instead which was the whole recipe, so it turned out a little bit sweet and the wafer cracked when i was trying to remove it from the pan. But the butter custard filling tastes so good and it somehow matches the sweetness of the wafer, my kids rated it as 6 (10 being the perfect score) i can settle with 6, i bet its the filling that did it. Next time i hope i can remove it WHOLE from the pan.

Sans Rival

If i remember correctly the last time i made sans rival was about 11 yrs ago, so hopefully this is going to be good *crosses her fingers*

Saturday, August 30, 2008

In Search of a new Addition to my Bazaar

I've had request about selling brownies just that my brownie recipe seems to not want to cooperate during hectic times, i have made the brownies twice already on the bazaar JUST that it seems that the marshmallows has a mind of its own and wants to melt down on the pan before the timer sets off. So since it happened twice already, i'm about a little nikkyteee about trying a new recipe, what an adventure! I normally try recipes first before have others taste them, not that i'm afraid of rejection, just that its a fab having people saying your cooking is great, and rejection with me seems to go a long way, it was actually when i was.........ok fine fine fine i admit IT, critisisms FREAKS the heck outta me hehehehe

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A birthday Cake for Hubby's Mommy

This is a chiffon cake with white icing. This is the first time i ever made flowers using the same icing to frost the cake, normally i make flowers with more powdered sugar in it and i let it air dry first before putting it on a cake. With this one i used a toothpick to make the flowers and then let the flowers slide down on the cake after pointing the toothpick to where i'm going to arrange the flowers to. I just did'nt thought that it would be this easy.

( Rosebelle played with my cellphone the other day, i dint notice that the flash was off, so sorry about the poor picture quality)


This is another website that i find very interesting. You could check it out if you are head over heels about baking. I have already learned a few tricks here and there, so i hope you can learn something new too. Happy browsing!!
This is the link
OH btw a warning on those who are brave enuff to check this's highly addictive ;P

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Joy of Baking

I've always been on a search for a new recipe here and there. One of my favorite site is, but unfortunately Gale Gand is not there anymore, btw she is the host of 'Sweet Dreams' aired at Lifestyle Network. I have used some of her recipes and they are really good. Anyways, i found a new website This website not only have pictures but it also tells you how the recipe originated and detailed instructions on the correct procedures so the recipe is fail proof. THOUGH i haven't tried any recipe yet, but i'll bake on this week if the budget allows it. The first recipe in line is New York Cheese Cake.

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Love Story

Everybody has one...will you tell me the one you'll never forget? No need to mention names...i would just like to know, how corny a person can get.
Lemme tell you mine first...

When i was 11,the first time i fell in love was with a star and i collected pictures, magazine & posters. I have seen concerts and went to his TV appearances. One time i was on his concert, i had to jump down from one level to another at the back side of the stage, that particular place was so dark, didn't care if the jump will break my bones, all i knew that time was i had to be near...when i finally jumped and was about 10 feet away from him, i stretched my arms and shouted...'I LOVE YOU ***!!!! I LOVE YOU***!!!,. The guard beside him looked to check where that desperate voice was coming from....but he..... didn't. I then realize how impossible it is to even touch him. At the age of thirteen i already knew how it felt to have your heart broken into pieces.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A facial Day with Chinggay

She is going to kill me when she sees this. This was after the bazaar. Chinggay didn't stop talking about every woman deserving a girly day and she went on and on almost half of the day, i told her i still have cupcakes to sell, you know what she did?She helped me with selling them, just so to make me go with her. Fine...ok...i'll go... i'll just post our picture then. Love yah girl ;)
And BTW doesn't she still look puuurrrtty pretty??

Saturday, August 23, 2008


It's payday bazaar. These are my goodies and with God's Blessings i am able to sell all of them.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Rosebelle requested me to bake cupcakes for her, the kids really love the chocolate cupcakes, well almost all kids do. Though i still have work tonight, i opted to follow, again who am i to say no i'm just a mother. And you know it's a delight to hear your kids craving for something that only you can make and that they love it. It's a mother's piece of heaven.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I had been searching for the perfect choco chip cookie recipe.. my ever first try to bake this cookie was about 1998 but the recipe was so soft that even after chilling the cookie dough, minutes after i put in the oven, it starts loosing it shape and crawls like it wants to be a one big whole cookie. So instead a a chewy unresistable delight, its so crispy you can put in an ice cream sundae for decorations. Well at least it has some use. Then i started searching for more recipes finally 10 years later i came up with one, made some alterations with my kids good taste with sweets and whallahh i think i came up with a good recipe that people actually love it.
Now i have a new quest... a hunt for an oreo cheese cake pie recipe, i hope this time it won't that long to get the perfect one.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Schedule

I was always waiting for RDOT(Rest Day Over Time) announcements and when management started to asked for people who are willing to render RDOT, upon hearing that i stood rushing up waving my hand like crazy on the air, was about to fall on the ground, because i still had my headset on, to sign up for it. And upon signing up the Team Lead announced that not only it's RDOT pay (wait there's more) there will be additional PhP50 per hour. I was already calculating how much i'll be earning for that day. And i was so happy with the sum. YEeeePPEeee!
Anyways i found out that we have a new schedule,the one that i've been praying for and wishing to have all this months. Our team will be moved to a 'closer' time shift, i love this shift coz not only i can get more sleep at night, i can take care of my kids before they go to school. I was happy. Im SO having a lucky day...RDOT available, PhP50/hr additional and i'm going to have my dream shift! But along with that new time shift they also changed our rest days and of course you know what's next... the RDOT day happened to be the day that was supposed to be my rest day is now a regular day work for me. I dunno what i felt that moment. I SOOO envy those guys who worked today, they get like 220% x basic pay. *sits down and holds her head*

Lessons Learned:
a. Be careful with what you wish for.
b. Be... DETAILED... with what you wish for.
c. Don't be confused with good lucks and bad lucks, only the latter has the privilege of coming in threes.

Bridges of Madison County

One of the great movies i know. I didn't want to watch it at first, i already knew that from the movie preview its a love story. I was thinking heck Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep in a love story movie? *rolls my eyes* who in a right mind put their money to produce this movie? I mean who would want to watch two old people making out? C'mon. I mean we prefer seeing young kids falling in love and then growing up together, but they have to start young in the movie first. But with this movie? Nope! The story started in their midlife. Francesca (Meryl Streep) was a mother of two teenagers and Robert (Clint Eastwood) was a photographer for National Geographic. Just that at that time i really run out of choices for movies that i rented this one.
Alas, lo and behold, i cried like crazy, bawled even, started middle of the movie up till it was showing the credits. I shouldn't be surprise at all, this two magnificent actors,who knows how to choose a very good script definitely knows their craft.Btw i have the book too. This movie breaks your heart into pieces like what you expect in a love story movie to be, it makes you think that a mother will do everything for her kids to the extent of loosing herself, but it makes you realize that love can survive, grow & be so strong even far apart, and that kind of love can happen.. A favorite poem of mine fits this movie...

Tho lovers be lost
But love shall not
And death shall have no dominion

Francesca: Robert, please. You don't understand, no-one does. When a woman makes the choice to marry, to have children; in one way her life begins but in another way it stops. You build a life of details. You become a mother, a wife and you stop and stay steady so that your children can move. And when they leave they take your life of details with them. And then you're expected move again only you don't remember what moves you because no-one has asked in so long. Not even yourself. You never in your life think that love like this can happen to you.

Robert Kincaid: This kind of certainty comes but once in a lifetime.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Burger King team building

After work i went with out with my old teammates. Although Lindsay wasn't able to join us, she later text us that she was rushed to the doctor, blood pressure was low. I was thinking, my gosh she is so young for that. Although with the kind of work that we have? Bouncing blood pressures are pretty common. But she's still forever immortalized in my mind as a young girl. Anyway i hope she gets well soon.
There were just 5 of us, but my gosh, we rocked the whole place down, we were so loud with sharing stories and laughing. Which is one of the things that i really missed. I have bonded with this people and that is etched for eternity.
Cha, is now continuing her studies at UP Diliman, she resigned about 3 months ago. And my gosh she looks very very pretty and stress free. I missed her quick response to everything, well she can get politically sarcastic, but she is very funny that way. Cute even. You can talk to her about anything and she can definitely relate even though she is much younger than Lindsay. Which means she is forever young to me. I love her to pieces.
Then there is Daryl, he resigned about 2 months ago, due to? *thinks* what was his reason again for quitting work? nothing really, he just, all of a sudden, didn't go to work one night and the next night and the night after that. When he came back after 5 days, he is proud to carry a medical certificate, proving he was clever to have come up with one. He then told me he was so engrossed on playing tong-its and he lost money. SO, after going to work one night he suddenly went absent again. So we were wondering what happened, we asked Balot, his closest friend among us, and she said Daryl was finally sick. Was at the hospital at that time and he has used up all his leaves. And that prolly made him quit work. But he is still one of the nicest guys i know at work, like Cha, he is quite frank and he'll tell it to you at your face if need be. And i like him for that.
And there is Balot who is still working at NCO. She will assist you till she drops. She is just like that always helpful, BUT extra helpful with girls she is smitten with. Vj call her 'pokpok' she has lots of crushes at work, but she definitely has her eye on one of them at a time. Right now she is very much into serving 'toot toot' that's how we call her, she is one of our team mates. And 'toot toot' is pretty and very attractive. Balot has been praying to join the team so she can be near her. Anyways, Balot is also one of the nicest person i know and she is very honest and real when it comes with helping people. And i like her for that.
And there is VJ, when i first met her, she was quiet. Gloomy even, we've been at the same company for 2 yrs & 10 months now, and her,hmmm about the same time. And we used to be together in one team way back our old account. And i sat beside her, coz i thought she needed someone to talk to. She is witty and very intelligent and my dang she is very good at selling. But she is totally turn the table around, flip the coin upside down, black to white, different now. It's like, isn't the tsunami at thailand? or the earthquake at china? i dunno what rocked her world, but all i know is that she looks very very much happier now and much open to show who she really is, she can be sarcastically funny and she comes up with quick witts here and there. I so love her that way. And she is one of my bestfriends (well i only have two) at work and i love her to bits. I am able to open my problems to her, and she knows me more than any people at work. And lemme repeat this, i love her to bits.
So anyways, we stayed there for 3 hours i think, and we went on our own ways and we talked about having another get together again. Cha, Daryl and Balot went to visit Say. And they let me get the first ride home.
And the load i was carrying the whole day was lifted. I didn't knew that i can get to enjoy going out, coz i'm not really into 'going out' with friends. Normally after work i just religiously go home. And i'm already looking forward to seeing them again and with new stories and laughs to share together.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

This is a start of finally having to say something

Typically i am very quiet especially around many people, i'm always the one listening and observing. But i have noticed that since i started working again about 3 yrs ago, surrounded with younger ppl, i have learned how to butt in and have them hear my thoughts but then again if you compare that to a regular person, im still timid. Anyways, ever since i can remember, i've been writing my thoughts. I remember i had Sandra( my first diary) where i wrote my experiences at highschool....i still have her hidden too ashamed to read it tho hehe and do i need to explain why? hehe, hey wait of course i will explain why...but prolly later
I know i have like 4 diaries...the last one is a starbucks organizer that got torned recently...thoughts from that one are all sad, gloomy experiences that in one way or another had helped me release some of the feelings i was going thru at that time, but hey i've come up with wise quotes there and im proud of that already.
Anyways, be ready with my thoughts & comments. I'm already loving this!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Internet TV & movies

I just recently discovered that you can actually watch TV series and movies online. Not only that, you can download it to your mobile phones, if its capable and if you have the memory card for that, wow! well prolly not that jaw dropping thing for others, my sweet sugar shake it is to me!! So im starting to watch a movie now, 'Fracture' with the great Anthony Hopkins, i have missed this movie at HBO and been trying to catch it. And i'm so happy that i have the opportuny to watch it with a little click of my mouse.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

preparations for the bazaar

have started to buy the materials needed for my bazaar and with the sudden change of my schedule this week i dunno how am i going to bake on wednesday and thursday. So i'm kind of planning to do each day until friday. But right now i'm going to start doing the skinless longgonisa and will teach Flor on how to wrap it, so she can start doing that tomorrow. And then i did molded some chocolate lollipops already and i'm going to wrap 'em up later before i go to bed.
And prolly tomorrow i'll make the dough for boat tarts and will store them in the fridge. Then the day after that i'll make the dough for sugar cookies, will shape them up and store them in the fridge again. And then i'll start baking the cupcakes and while waiting for them to cook, i'll prepare and measure all the needed recipes, will separate the eggs so that thursday i'll just throw them inside the oven and whaaallaaa prolly, it'll just take 8 hours for me to bake 3 cakes, the tarts and cookies. I wonder how i can do all of that?*scratches my head and think*

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

cupcakes instead?

I stayed home while the kids went to Tagaytay with in-laws. And our maid 'Flor' was suppose to have a day off today, she asked me earlier this week about it, she said it's her husband's birthday, but my hubby told her to stay today and just take her off next week. So when i saw her this morning starting to clean the house, i asked her what time is she going. She told me about her convo with hubby and i felt sorry for her, she explained that hubby didn't knew about her husband's birthday. SO i asked her to go. She said she doesn't have money, told her i can only lend her PhP100 for fare and then we'll bake a cake. She readily agreed and i made someone smile today, which feels heavenly.
SO we started with preparations and i noticed i run out of paper lining and that i only have paper cups for cupcakes. SO i asked Flor ' Cupcakes instead?' who will say no to that only option?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the love to blog

Who would have thought that writing blogs is going to make me SO happy. My sweet sugar shake, i love it. I have started feeling so happy already. This is one of the advice i got from one of my favorite person in the world. He told me to do things that makes me happy, and at first alot of questions came popping out of my mind.. ' what am i suppose to write?', ' how can i come up with things to say...everyday even..' , 'will i come up with cool things say?' , 'Will somebody even bother to read them?', 'will this add to my burden and responsibilities?' etc etc etc
Boy i didn't thought that ideas to write will start pouring and each day i have like 10 topics running in my mind to share with. I'm getting excited already on what to write the next day.
And not only i'm able to let the world hear my thoughts , but i'm finally able to feel conscious free about it. And it releases some of the feelings i had boiled down inside of me, and already makes my load less heavy.

Monday, August 11, 2008

sugar cookies

I was so stressed with what's happening around me and when i came home from work, the kids requested for me to baked lollipop sugar cookies (and who am i to say no, i am just a mother, i don't have the heart to say no) i readily started baking. And that i come up with 14 lollipops. In the middle of lining the cookies on the pan i thought this could be fun, i just need to start using my artistic side ( if there is one) and will start designing. FUN TIME. This could be a stress releasing moment for me. Uhmmm and indeed it was. Not only that i'm proud of myself with the designs i came up with (goodthing i took some pics, coz the moment the icings were set, a storm blew the cookies away) i'm able do something that really makes me happy and a servant to whatever my kids wants..being able to GIVE them what they want...and baking. *smiling happily*

Full House

Finally the dvd remote control is fixed and i can start watching Full House again. Though i have seen this already, i just want to see Rain again. I'm not into Korean Tv series, not into Mexican series as well. I prefer watching Smallville, Ghost Whisperer, Heroes, and so forth. I never saw myself watching and reading captions at the same time. One day i run out of dvds and series to watch, at that time i just finished One Tree Hill Season 1-4, and then Rosebelle saw me looking for some dvds to watch she pleaded me with those puppy cute eyes to watch Full House and i am just a mother i can't have the right to say no and i was like, ill prolly be asleep by the time it even started so, i said ok if she watch with me. Thats a good deal already. And so we did, i didn't get my 5 hours sleep that day. Song Hye Kyo(Jessie) is so cute and pretty with how she expresses her emotions with facial reactions and Rain is SO handsome with his small eyes and childish smile. PurrRRrrrRR. The series is so CUTE that i am thinking of producing the sequel if i win the lottery. *Runs to the lotto both*

Sunday, August 10, 2008

When i was...

I remember going up at our roof every 4 in the afternoon when i was a teen. Mainly because i find peace there. I remember conquering the fear of walking on the wall that leads to the roof, balancing my way through this 6 inch thick wall and my feet was barely fitting it that i had to step sideways. I just sat there for an hour talking to GOD and looking at a far rice field. I can see the grass dancing with the tree branches to and fro. I grew up always seeing Mt. Makiling, but when i am up there she looks a lot different and more magnificent. If only i had a camera phone that time i woulda taken tons of pics already. I wish i can go back there, if the roof can still hold my weight which has quadrapled already. Just to get the feel of that peace again.

Friday, August 8, 2008


I slept last night watching 'Wanted' by Angelina Jolie at around 12:00 am. Don't get me wrong, it is a very good movie, just that watching movies is the only thing that really helps me sleep. Now don't get me wrong again by thinking that i have insomia. NOPE. It's just that my work is at night, and i have been doing the same work for 3 yrs now, so it did screwed up my sleeping hours during my off days. And whats funny is that i'll wake up every time somebody turns the tv off. Anyways i have spent the whole morning sleeping in the middle of watching 'Prom night' ( yup! even suspense thriller movies makes me sleep). I woked up at 12:30 waiting for my daughter to come home from school so we can go get some groceries. I have to start preparing for the bazaar. I have a bazaar every 2nd friday of the month. It helps with the bills. But gosh i baked till i drop for a total of 2 whole days. BTW i sell cakes, pies, tarts & cookies. And i LOVVVVEEEE baking so much i don't care if all my muscles starts to melt running down on my bones.
Anyways this is my second day, and i am really loving it already.

Being a Mother 1

With my crazy schedule i don't get to spend much time with my kids. It's either they are at school by the time i come home, or i'll be asleep by the time they come home from school. One of the things that i do so we can have quality time whenever im off i will buy movies that they like so we can watch together. But with 4 kids having 4 with different moods it's hard to get them together in one room. And only a mother can think of how to keep her own kids. You know how i do it? I just buy 1 bag of different chips and drinks and whallaaa i don't even have to call them.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blobb for Life

I normally talk about nonsense, sometimes there are 3 topics running in my mind, that i blobb all the time, hubby normally has a hard time keeping up with what i'm saying most especially when im mixing one idea from another. One early morning when hubby was accompanying me to the taxi area, i was going to work that time, he talked about making dumplings and i told him i have a good recipe for that and it its fail-proof and my mind was still thinking of ingredients and he asked me about how to make a sauce for fishball, so i answered him with ingredients for siomai and sauce at the same time, he said here i go again. SOrry about that its just that im about a nick of a second late and that i was hurrying up. SO blobbing is my favorite moment and coz i find it humorous afterwards.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's 3 am

yes and i'm here blogging my heart out. I just discovered another weird thing about working at night. It's my day off and with my new time shift nowadays i normally get sleepy at around 8pm, with hubby having long discussions about his new venture, he's been going to bed a little bit late more than a few nights now, SO, when he went to bed tonight or last night *boggles her head* i think last night coz it morning already (i'm blobbing) he accidentally woke me up and since i was already awake he invited me to get some food. SO we did had a quick snack and some share of ideas about his venture and now after talking he fell asleep and here i am, wide-eyed-brain-very active- awake. I can't find me sleep anymore since i USED to being awake at wee hours in the morning, might as well wait for 1 more hour. I have to prepare breakfast anyways, its a school day.