Monday, August 25, 2008

A Love Story

Everybody has one...will you tell me the one you'll never forget? No need to mention names...i would just like to know, how corny a person can get.
Lemme tell you mine first...

When i was 11,the first time i fell in love was with a star and i collected pictures, magazine & posters. I have seen concerts and went to his TV appearances. One time i was on his concert, i had to jump down from one level to another at the back side of the stage, that particular place was so dark, didn't care if the jump will break my bones, all i knew that time was i had to be near...when i finally jumped and was about 10 feet away from him, i stretched my arms and shouted...'I LOVE YOU ***!!!! I LOVE YOU***!!!,. The guard beside him looked to check where that desperate voice was coming from....but he..... didn't. I then realize how impossible it is to even touch him. At the age of thirteen i already knew how it felt to have your heart broken into pieces.

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