Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Computer Crashed!!!

I was JUST about to email all the powerpoint files i made about cupcakes & cake designing, just that i got lazy and watched dvd instead. The day after that my pc crashed and i can hear that little voice inside my head, who likes to blame me all the time, saying ' told you so'. I think thats her favorite line.
So without a pc for a few days is not my worry really, but its more of like i can't really make my son NOT to download games from the net, it's becoming habitual already, that i have to think of another strategy, thats my college son, he seems to be getting a little selfish lately, not considering how others will be affected with his actions. *breathes deeply*.
He was able to retrieve my files tho, so im happy with it. And he helped his uncle to reformat the pc, i hope he learns this time.

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