Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Visit to Fully Booked

I can literally live in a bookstore, that is if they allow me, it's haven for me, i know alot of people can relate. And when we went to Greenhills yesterday, i get to reminisce the feeling of being inside a bookstore again. (here i go again) with the kind of job that i have, i don't really have much time to go or even have time to stay there for a while. Anyways, i just found out that there is another series of books that people are going gah gah over, and which just tells that THAT'S how i am detached to the book world nowadays. Its the books by Stephenie Meyers, the vampire lovestory saga. I don't know why i kinda likevampire books or movies, something in them that makes me fascinated, except Anne Rice books, it gives me a chill from my insides, i mean i like vampires because of fascination but not to the point that i can already sense someone dark watching me hehehe well that's how good A. Rice is.
Anyways i already started to rearrange my book shelf for that 3 vampire books, and hopefully next payday my wallet will spare some money for me *starts doing the math*

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