Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weird Memory

I am VERY VERY forgetful, like turned-the-cabinet-inside-&-out-looking-for-keys-just-to-find-out-its-inside-my-pocket, forgetful. Sometimes i hide my wallet to places i can't remember that i end up buying a new one. Or money that i save for emergencies, i would put it inside somewhere that nobody will ever find, EVEN me. BUT it boggles my mind why there are certain dates that i cannot forget, dates like one of my highschool best friend's bday, which is Sept.
6, her name is Flordeliza,, it's like whenever that day comes im always wishing that if only theres a way to communicate with her.
And the Heavens heard me that Flordeliza got my number and exchange txts msgs since early this year and when Sept 6 came i greeted her early morning. She said that she was SO suprised and happy that i remembered her birthday, we haven't seen each other since after highschool and that was 20 yrs ago and i can't even remember what her last name was, and there i was greeting her on her birthday.
I made a special person of my highschool life happy and after 2o yrs of remembering her every Sept 6 i am able to greet her Happy Birthday finally.

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