Thursday, August 28, 2008

A birthday Cake for Hubby's Mommy

This is a chiffon cake with white icing. This is the first time i ever made flowers using the same icing to frost the cake, normally i make flowers with more powdered sugar in it and i let it air dry first before putting it on a cake. With this one i used a toothpick to make the flowers and then let the flowers slide down on the cake after pointing the toothpick to where i'm going to arrange the flowers to. I just did'nt thought that it would be this easy.

( Rosebelle played with my cellphone the other day, i dint notice that the flash was off, so sorry about the poor picture quality)


Thea said...

grabe nagbirthday pala si auntie. di ko alam. hehehe.
naks talagang family baker ka na! :)
sa debut daw ni cyril =P

raine said...

debu cake?? oh it's easy! hehehe yabang noh, don't joke about it too much i might think your serious about it and i'll start searching for designs na hehe