Wednesday, April 8, 2009

i'm now found

the main reason why i don't really want to have my own friendster account is that i don't people to find me. Why? i dunno, i guess i just want my privacy..and mainly because i don't want to have to explain why is this person is looking for me and why is that, churvaloo churvaloo. But when i left, i decided to create my own account because i needed a place where i can store my collected pictures. As secondary to my webshots account. So there i was, put one of my cakes as my pic there and i slowly discovered that ( i am new to friendster) that there are people actually searching for me. Most of them i really don't know, and some are familiar and made my forehead wrinkled, thinking, why the heck is this person even wanting to add me or search for me, when i wasn't even close to those people. Anyways, i was 'finally' discovered by highschool friends and i can't help not to be overwhelmed, i mean with these are old friends , because even after all these years they still remember me. That life i lived so long ago. Funny how old feelings are coming back, memries of childish moments are all of a sudden..flooding. I can't help not to smile.

So, do i still feel i wanted to be found? well... im happy that i am.

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