Monday, April 20, 2009

mood swing

for some reason i dunno why i was kinda down this weekend, had a long ride with relatives, one comment just got stuck in my mind and for some reason i lingered onto it. It brought the blues and all i wanted to do that time was sat quietly at the back of the car and listen to music. The tears were not ready to drop, not just yet, but i know if it finally fall, i'll be okey. I just felt lonely all of a sudden, so i just quietly look at the trees as we passed by it. Nice time to be on 'emotional mode' Nice windy day...with nature all around...and my linkin park music.
I had a nice cry that night and so far, two days after, i think im okey. I can carry on and have the strenght to stand up until the next emotional episode. At least im not the type who bawls like a baby or ask pity/attention from friends or do things that i will regret oneday. I think im handling my 'drama queen episodes' like a strong mature person that i am.

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