Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dancing at the Plaza

Every weekend at 5am, a group of middle aged women dances at the Town Plaza Hall. This is a project of the Mayor's wife, for exercise. At first i was shy to try to join them, but in due time my dancing feet kicks in and there i am dancing with them for 2 hours. Its fun and a nice way to release stress. As i bike my way to be there and im so glad that today is my off so i can join the saturday class, since i can normally join them during sundays. I have lost alot of weight already, since ive been jogging 3 times a week and this dancing thing is also a way of socializing with people who wants to stay healthy like me. Coz with jogging im just alone with my headset and no other people to laugh with. Im into biking also, when my knees hurt (yea im old ) and i get too lazy with running, i just bike around the town.

I still need to loose 10-15 more pounds and im getting there!


Pam said...

Congrats on the foodie blogroll!


raine said...

thanks for your comment :) and yea im happy with the foodie blogroll !