Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ricky Martin is Gay

i remember the first time i saw him was from a poster, that wide eyed smile...that pointy innocent and thin...he was 13 yrs old...a member of a popular puerto rican group "Menudo". I was then about to enter Highschool.They visited Philippines 3 yrs in a row and i never missed a concert, TV appearances and oh boy the pics i bought from my small allowance i considered a treasure back then. Pleaded my mom to buy me posters and to even go with me to this TV studio so i can see him near...well i did and boy i was madly inlove!

Then the popularity faded, didn't hear his name for years to come...then one night while watching an international beauty contest on TV he appeared, i saw him sing one more time..i can't believe my eyes...a miracle to even see him again....a young man now, i trace his face for differences, he looked the same, the same wide eyed smile....

Years passed and he became world wide popular...he is now a man...with muscles and nice body built...his face with traces of maturity..with angles and sharpness...he still carries that same smile...the thing that caught me off guard years back..Women swirming all around him...with his sexy songs and dances....

He is now a father of 2 baby boys.. and yea finally admitted that he is gay...what can i say? He said he is fortunate and i think he is living his life happy..and theres nothing more i can wish for him.

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