Friday, November 12, 2010

the love for baking

i love cooking, don't get me wrong and it seems that it's all i do now. The kids loves the end product and that makes me happy. I get to experiment on some recipes i recently discovered, tho i only baked once, but i do use the oven pretty much. I do miss straining some flour, getting my hands sticky with icings and dough or decorating cakes. You see here, cakes are everywhere and any box you see seems to have a ready made bake goodies and all it needs is some water, shove it in the oven and its good to eat in 15 minutes. People here are amazed with you (with their jaw on the ground even) if you bake something from scratch. Im always tounge-tied with my reaction it seems that good old fashioned baking is not THAT common anymore. I hope i will never ever adopt to that. I always love to get my fingers dirty, have my shirt covered with either powdered sugar, cream or cocoa, get so tired with 8 hours of baking and eating the end result.And yeah i love sharing 'em too.

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