Friday, August 8, 2008


I slept last night watching 'Wanted' by Angelina Jolie at around 12:00 am. Don't get me wrong, it is a very good movie, just that watching movies is the only thing that really helps me sleep. Now don't get me wrong again by thinking that i have insomia. NOPE. It's just that my work is at night, and i have been doing the same work for 3 yrs now, so it did screwed up my sleeping hours during my off days. And whats funny is that i'll wake up every time somebody turns the tv off. Anyways i have spent the whole morning sleeping in the middle of watching 'Prom night' ( yup! even suspense thriller movies makes me sleep). I woked up at 12:30 waiting for my daughter to come home from school so we can go get some groceries. I have to start preparing for the bazaar. I have a bazaar every 2nd friday of the month. It helps with the bills. But gosh i baked till i drop for a total of 2 whole days. BTW i sell cakes, pies, tarts & cookies. And i LOVVVVEEEE baking so much i don't care if all my muscles starts to melt running down on my bones.
Anyways this is my second day, and i am really loving it already.

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