Sunday, August 10, 2008

When i was...

I remember going up at our roof every 4 in the afternoon when i was a teen. Mainly because i find peace there. I remember conquering the fear of walking on the wall that leads to the roof, balancing my way through this 6 inch thick wall and my feet was barely fitting it that i had to step sideways. I just sat there for an hour talking to GOD and looking at a far rice field. I can see the grass dancing with the tree branches to and fro. I grew up always seeing Mt. Makiling, but when i am up there she looks a lot different and more magnificent. If only i had a camera phone that time i woulda taken tons of pics already. I wish i can go back there, if the roof can still hold my weight which has quadrapled already. Just to get the feel of that peace again.

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