Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blobb for Life

I normally talk about nonsense, sometimes there are 3 topics running in my mind, that i blobb all the time, hubby normally has a hard time keeping up with what i'm saying most especially when im mixing one idea from another. One early morning when hubby was accompanying me to the taxi area, i was going to work that time, he talked about making dumplings and i told him i have a good recipe for that and it its fail-proof and my mind was still thinking of ingredients and he asked me about how to make a sauce for fishball, so i answered him with ingredients for siomai and sauce at the same time, he said here i go again. SOrry about that its just that im about a nick of a second late and that i was hurrying up. SO blobbing is my favorite moment and coz i find it humorous afterwards.

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