Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's 3 am

yes and i'm here blogging my heart out. I just discovered another weird thing about working at night. It's my day off and with my new time shift nowadays i normally get sleepy at around 8pm, with hubby having long discussions about his new venture, he's been going to bed a little bit late more than a few nights now, SO, when he went to bed tonight or last night *boggles her head* i think last night coz it morning already (i'm blobbing) he accidentally woke me up and since i was already awake he invited me to get some food. SO we did had a quick snack and some share of ideas about his venture and now after talking he fell asleep and here i am, wide-eyed-brain-very active- awake. I can't find me sleep anymore since i USED to being awake at wee hours in the morning, might as well wait for 1 more hour. I have to prepare breakfast anyways, its a school day.

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