Sunday, August 17, 2008

Burger King team building

After work i went with out with my old teammates. Although Lindsay wasn't able to join us, she later text us that she was rushed to the doctor, blood pressure was low. I was thinking, my gosh she is so young for that. Although with the kind of work that we have? Bouncing blood pressures are pretty common. But she's still forever immortalized in my mind as a young girl. Anyway i hope she gets well soon.
There were just 5 of us, but my gosh, we rocked the whole place down, we were so loud with sharing stories and laughing. Which is one of the things that i really missed. I have bonded with this people and that is etched for eternity.
Cha, is now continuing her studies at UP Diliman, she resigned about 3 months ago. And my gosh she looks very very pretty and stress free. I missed her quick response to everything, well she can get politically sarcastic, but she is very funny that way. Cute even. You can talk to her about anything and she can definitely relate even though she is much younger than Lindsay. Which means she is forever young to me. I love her to pieces.
Then there is Daryl, he resigned about 2 months ago, due to? *thinks* what was his reason again for quitting work? nothing really, he just, all of a sudden, didn't go to work one night and the next night and the night after that. When he came back after 5 days, he is proud to carry a medical certificate, proving he was clever to have come up with one. He then told me he was so engrossed on playing tong-its and he lost money. SO, after going to work one night he suddenly went absent again. So we were wondering what happened, we asked Balot, his closest friend among us, and she said Daryl was finally sick. Was at the hospital at that time and he has used up all his leaves. And that prolly made him quit work. But he is still one of the nicest guys i know at work, like Cha, he is quite frank and he'll tell it to you at your face if need be. And i like him for that.
And there is Balot who is still working at NCO. She will assist you till she drops. She is just like that always helpful, BUT extra helpful with girls she is smitten with. Vj call her 'pokpok' she has lots of crushes at work, but she definitely has her eye on one of them at a time. Right now she is very much into serving 'toot toot' that's how we call her, she is one of our team mates. And 'toot toot' is pretty and very attractive. Balot has been praying to join the team so she can be near her. Anyways, Balot is also one of the nicest person i know and she is very honest and real when it comes with helping people. And i like her for that.
And there is VJ, when i first met her, she was quiet. Gloomy even, we've been at the same company for 2 yrs & 10 months now, and her,hmmm about the same time. And we used to be together in one team way back our old account. And i sat beside her, coz i thought she needed someone to talk to. She is witty and very intelligent and my dang she is very good at selling. But she is totally turn the table around, flip the coin upside down, black to white, different now. It's like, isn't the tsunami at thailand? or the earthquake at china? i dunno what rocked her world, but all i know is that she looks very very much happier now and much open to show who she really is, she can be sarcastically funny and she comes up with quick witts here and there. I so love her that way. And she is one of my bestfriends (well i only have two) at work and i love her to bits. I am able to open my problems to her, and she knows me more than any people at work. And lemme repeat this, i love her to bits.
So anyways, we stayed there for 3 hours i think, and we went on our own ways and we talked about having another get together again. Cha, Daryl and Balot went to visit Say. And they let me get the first ride home.
And the load i was carrying the whole day was lifted. I didn't knew that i can get to enjoy going out, coz i'm not really into 'going out' with friends. Normally after work i just religiously go home. And i'm already looking forward to seeing them again and with new stories and laughs to share together.


Thea said...

any pictures? hehe. ;)
it's really nice to be with friends, with whom you can be yourself and just let go and just be heard.

sometimes, there are even things you tell friends that you can't even tell anybody you're related to. :D

Thea said...

btw, i added you on my blogroll.
under "mommies" categories. :)

balotsky said...

yEy! momy raine..m so pakenn glad that at the time we had bonding wd da rest of rhode island's "backstabbers" it did lighten up da load u wer havin'..told yeh it pays off to go out sumx..fudtrip..hehe..cRaZieSt waaaa..if yer wd da backstabbers (and yesalf)..hahaha! love it when i call ourselves backstabbers!..saya e..wahaha..harhar! kya nga yoko mawala sa bonding e kc wawa tlaga..u careful wd dat toottoooot..kinakabahan aq dyAn..hehe..ive had enough wd chiks..lie low muna..bukas na naman! haha!
love ye big tym momy raine..peksman! may ube cream i ka sakin..
ROCK ON! cookies..cookies q..hehhe..tarts din..hehe..