Saturday, August 16, 2008

This is a start of finally having to say something

Typically i am very quiet especially around many people, i'm always the one listening and observing. But i have noticed that since i started working again about 3 yrs ago, surrounded with younger ppl, i have learned how to butt in and have them hear my thoughts but then again if you compare that to a regular person, im still timid. Anyways, ever since i can remember, i've been writing my thoughts. I remember i had Sandra( my first diary) where i wrote my experiences at highschool....i still have her hidden too ashamed to read it tho hehe and do i need to explain why? hehe, hey wait of course i will explain why...but prolly later
I know i have like 4 diaries...the last one is a starbucks organizer that got torned recently...thoughts from that one are all sad, gloomy experiences that in one way or another had helped me release some of the feelings i was going thru at that time, but hey i've come up with wise quotes there and im proud of that already.
Anyways, be ready with my thoughts & comments. I'm already loving this!!


Thea said...

welcome to the fun world of blogging. :D

hope to read more from you.

NJayMaldito said...

yeah, we can definitely make writing our outlet in showing how we feel about life.