Thursday, August 21, 2008

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I had been searching for the perfect choco chip cookie recipe.. my ever first try to bake this cookie was about 1998 but the recipe was so soft that even after chilling the cookie dough, minutes after i put in the oven, it starts loosing it shape and crawls like it wants to be a one big whole cookie. So instead a a chewy unresistable delight, its so crispy you can put in an ice cream sundae for decorations. Well at least it has some use. Then i started searching for more recipes finally 10 years later i came up with one, made some alterations with my kids good taste with sweets and whallahh i think i came up with a good recipe that people actually love it.
Now i have a new quest... a hunt for an oreo cheese cake pie recipe, i hope this time it won't that long to get the perfect one.

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