Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Schedule

I was always waiting for RDOT(Rest Day Over Time) announcements and when management started to asked for people who are willing to render RDOT, upon hearing that i stood rushing up waving my hand like crazy on the air, was about to fall on the ground, because i still had my headset on, to sign up for it. And upon signing up the Team Lead announced that not only it's RDOT pay (wait there's more) there will be additional PhP50 per hour. I was already calculating how much i'll be earning for that day. And i was so happy with the sum. YEeeePPEeee!
Anyways i found out that we have a new schedule,the one that i've been praying for and wishing to have all this months. Our team will be moved to a 'closer' time shift, i love this shift coz not only i can get more sleep at night, i can take care of my kids before they go to school. I was happy. Im SO having a lucky day...RDOT available, PhP50/hr additional and i'm going to have my dream shift! But along with that new time shift they also changed our rest days and of course you know what's next... the RDOT day happened to be the day that was supposed to be my rest day is now a regular day work for me. I dunno what i felt that moment. I SOOO envy those guys who worked today, they get like 220% x basic pay. *sits down and holds her head*

Lessons Learned:
a. Be careful with what you wish for.
b. Be... DETAILED... with what you wish for.
c. Don't be confused with good lucks and bad lucks, only the latter has the privilege of coming in threes.

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Thea said...

this is so true!
let's be detailed in asking for what we want, haha.