Thursday, August 14, 2008

preparations for the bazaar

have started to buy the materials needed for my bazaar and with the sudden change of my schedule this week i dunno how am i going to bake on wednesday and thursday. So i'm kind of planning to do each day until friday. But right now i'm going to start doing the skinless longgonisa and will teach Flor on how to wrap it, so she can start doing that tomorrow. And then i did molded some chocolate lollipops already and i'm going to wrap 'em up later before i go to bed.
And prolly tomorrow i'll make the dough for boat tarts and will store them in the fridge. Then the day after that i'll make the dough for sugar cookies, will shape them up and store them in the fridge again. And then i'll start baking the cupcakes and while waiting for them to cook, i'll prepare and measure all the needed recipes, will separate the eggs so that thursday i'll just throw them inside the oven and whaaallaaa prolly, it'll just take 8 hours for me to bake 3 cakes, the tarts and cookies. I wonder how i can do all of that?*scratches my head and think*

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