Wednesday, August 13, 2008

cupcakes instead?

I stayed home while the kids went to Tagaytay with in-laws. And our maid 'Flor' was suppose to have a day off today, she asked me earlier this week about it, she said it's her husband's birthday, but my hubby told her to stay today and just take her off next week. So when i saw her this morning starting to clean the house, i asked her what time is she going. She told me about her convo with hubby and i felt sorry for her, she explained that hubby didn't knew about her husband's birthday. SO i asked her to go. She said she doesn't have money, told her i can only lend her PhP100 for fare and then we'll bake a cake. She readily agreed and i made someone smile today, which feels heavenly.
SO we started with preparations and i noticed i run out of paper lining and that i only have paper cups for cupcakes. SO i asked Flor ' Cupcakes instead?' who will say no to that only option?

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