Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the love to blog

Who would have thought that writing blogs is going to make me SO happy. My sweet sugar shake, i love it. I have started feeling so happy already. This is one of the advice i got from one of my favorite person in the world. He told me to do things that makes me happy, and at first alot of questions came popping out of my mind.. ' what am i suppose to write?', ' how can i come up with things to say...everyday even..' , 'will i come up with cool things say?' , 'Will somebody even bother to read them?', 'will this add to my burden and responsibilities?' etc etc etc
Boy i didn't thought that ideas to write will start pouring and each day i have like 10 topics running in my mind to share with. I'm getting excited already on what to write the next day.
And not only i'm able to let the world hear my thoughts , but i'm finally able to feel conscious free about it. And it releases some of the feelings i had boiled down inside of me, and already makes my load less heavy.

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