Monday, August 11, 2008

Full House

Finally the dvd remote control is fixed and i can start watching Full House again. Though i have seen this already, i just want to see Rain again. I'm not into Korean Tv series, not into Mexican series as well. I prefer watching Smallville, Ghost Whisperer, Heroes, and so forth. I never saw myself watching and reading captions at the same time. One day i run out of dvds and series to watch, at that time i just finished One Tree Hill Season 1-4, and then Rosebelle saw me looking for some dvds to watch she pleaded me with those puppy cute eyes to watch Full House and i am just a mother i can't have the right to say no and i was like, ill prolly be asleep by the time it even started so, i said ok if she watch with me. Thats a good deal already. And so we did, i didn't get my 5 hours sleep that day. Song Hye Kyo(Jessie) is so cute and pretty with how she expresses her emotions with facial reactions and Rain is SO handsome with his small eyes and childish smile. PurrRRrrrRR. The series is so CUTE that i am thinking of producing the sequel if i win the lottery. *Runs to the lotto both*

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