Monday, August 11, 2008

sugar cookies

I was so stressed with what's happening around me and when i came home from work, the kids requested for me to baked lollipop sugar cookies (and who am i to say no, i am just a mother, i don't have the heart to say no) i readily started baking. And that i come up with 14 lollipops. In the middle of lining the cookies on the pan i thought this could be fun, i just need to start using my artistic side ( if there is one) and will start designing. FUN TIME. This could be a stress releasing moment for me. Uhmmm and indeed it was. Not only that i'm proud of myself with the designs i came up with (goodthing i took some pics, coz the moment the icings were set, a storm blew the cookies away) i'm able do something that really makes me happy and a servant to whatever my kids wants..being able to GIVE them what they want...and baking. *smiling happily*

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